Enhance your digital transformation

Enhance your digital transformation

Through our people-first approach, combining agile expertise and latest technologies, we help create sustainable growth for a better future.


inPositiv is the IT consultancy firm that puts people first, combining industry expertise with an agile methodology to close the digital gap for clients.

Founded during the global pandemic crisis our adaptable, solution-based mindset helps us meet each client’s unique business needs.

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inPositiv’s distinctive offer is distilled into three main proficiencies:

Agile Transformation

People Led. Technology Enabled

Affinity for Tech


Digital Agility

Our approach to digital consulting is grounded in the agile method. We accelerate profit growth and catalyse innovation in your organisation through iterative project development and increased flexibility, allowing your team to reach its full potential.

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Nearshore Partner

We can provide technological expertise to your project instantly. Our team of highly skilled software developers are on hand to provide support wherever you need it, saving you from costly recruitment and training costs.

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Product Design

inPositiv’s digital product designers operate at the cutting edge of their field, creating robust and effective solutions to give you an edge on the competition.

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How do you implement Scrum, and is it appropriate for you?

Scrum is a simple method to learn. The method does not require much time. And, because the work system is built on an iterative principle, using the Scrum method, working versions of the product are available at the end of each sprint. We will discuss how to implement it and if fits into your project.

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Why use Scrum?

Scrum, is an agile project management approach that aims to acquire an iterative incremental development tactic in which a functional result is delivered to the client in a short period of time (sprint). With this blog, we'll see how it helps us and what benefits we get from using scrum.

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Scrum Framework and Artefacts Explained

You may have heard of Scrum before, but what actually are the components that make it one of the most popular and effective agile methodologies out there. This blog post provides an overview of the Scrum framework and its components at a glance.

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Scrum Components and Events

Scrum is an agile methodology that allows us to organise our work groups around a defined purpose, making it easier to work with interdisciplinary teams.  In this blog we'll see what components and events are included in the scrum.

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Scrum is a framework that helps us create value while adapting to complex environment changes. This is achieved through maximising team productivity and providing transparency to stakeholders over the project's life cycle.


The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a set of workflow patterns that allow us to implement agile practices at the enterprise level by promoting alignment, collaboration and delivery across the organisation.


OKR is a collaborative goal management framework that we use to help companies to execute their strategy. Including greater focus on key results, increased transparency and better alignment.

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