Our extensive toolkit of frameworks such as Scrum, SAFe, and OKR, as well as technologies like Confluence and Jira, aid our work towards client solutions. However, we tailor our solution portfolio to each unique client through three main services.


Digital Agility

Digital agility lights the spark transformation while also being critical to ensuring self-sustaining organisational changes. We adapt each client’s organisational DNA by overseeing structural alterations and developing a success mindset to ensure they thrive in our complex world, making your business flexible and resilient in the pursuit of long-term opportunities.

This process includes agile leadership training and establishing a modern governance system for enabling new technologies. Our large portfolio of methodologies including OKR and SAFe allows us to accurately scale an agile solution based on your unique business needs, championing daily efficiency for your employees and inspiring an agile leadership team.

Nearshore Partner

Talent scarcity should not be the limiting factor. We often observe that it is very hard for organisations in Switzerland to test their ideas as they lack the necessary digital expertise.

We support companies to gain experience with Nearshoring, working with partners in neighbouring countries across Europe. Through this practice, companies can retain the commercial benefits of near-locality, comparable to domestic on-shore partners, whilst unlocking cost-efficient talent likened to far, off-shore companies across the globe.

Powered by Nearshoring, our stable agile development teams build solutions and help our clients to validate their hypotheses before moving forward with development. Together, we can remove the limits of talent that hinder progression and enable innovative firms to grow without boundaries.

Product Design

Designing good products is a challenge. Yet often, we find that it is not the product itself that is the key issue, but the cumbersome operational and technical processes surrounding it; ranging from broken feedback cycles to insufficient scaling in production.

Our experts support the end-to-end design process of digital products, working with you to refine design ideas through communicative cycles; bringing the concept in line with efficient solutions and the long-term needs of the company. Moving forwards, we enable our clients to run these products in an effective way that maximises outcomes.

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Scrum is a framework that helps us create value while adapting to complex environment changes. This is achieved through maximising team productivity and providing transparency to stakeholders over the project's life cycle.


The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a set of workflow patterns that allow us to implement agile practices at the enterprise level by promoting alignment, collaboration and delivery across the organisation.


OKR is a collaborative goal management framework that we use to help companies to execute their strategy. Including greater focus on key results, increased transparency and better alignment.

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