About Us

About Us

Why Inpositiv

The world is becoming increasingly complex, and change is impacting the corporate workplace globally. Many organisations are unable to adapt to this volatile environment, instead resorting to obsolete project management practices to make fast decisions.

inPositiv was founded to embrace innovation rather than avoid it. We are a group of specialists with access to a broad portfolio of methodologies and technologies that help organisations tackle systematic and operational change.

Through the employment of our core agile mindset, we enable decentralised, fast, organic, and resilient responses to change within organisations. Together with our clients, we approach every new challenge with infinite positivity – the inPositiv way.

Agile Transformation

We consider your unique staff and tech stack to generate authentic organisational transformations. Our work is underpinned by an agile methodology, ensuring strong communication, efficiency, and transparency in our projects. Through transformative capacity, we teach your team how to be flexible in the pursuit of opportunities, securing long-term growth for your business.

Affinity for Tech

Our passion for new technology and innovation inspires us to harness the latest digital tools to create sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation. We are known for conducting thorough research to balance the latest technology options efficiently, optimising technological results in the process.

People Led. Technology Enabled

Digital innovation enables our work but does not control it. We are a people-first business and believe real change comes from collaboration and trust-building. Our extensive experience has shown that the best digital solutions often come from working together to employ collective strengths and ideas. You can trust that your people will be our first and foremost concern.

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Our Values

Transparent & Direct

Our honest and direct approach to problem solving allows us to quickly earn our clients’ trust and discover solutions. We will always be open with our clients and it is immensely important to us that we are 100% transparent when giving advice. We aim to present the logical reasoning behind our suggestions objectively and proactively involving clients in our findings, earning ourselves a distinguished reputation as a trustworthy partner.


We are led by people for people because we enjoy collaborating with our clients and employees to build solutions that reflect authentic thoughts and ideals. Our employees’ input is essential to building tailored models and systems that are reinforced through feedback loops and engagement with the workforce. The talent and drive of our employees is everything, and we incorporate their valuable insight into our client work.


Our innate betterment mindset motivates us to constantly research new methodologies and disruptive tech to contribute to building a better society. Tangible results from this mindset include democratised decision-making and higher rates of employee satisfaction brought about by a conversion to the agile mindset. With exciting innovation ever imminent, we are forever vigilant in harnessing the new to better the old.


Our team discussing future sprint near the wall at the office

We are a tight-knit team of consultants with a common agile vision for the workplace.

One of our teams brainstorming

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Our offer extends beyond our own capabilities.

We provide a diversity of technical expertise to our clients, bridging the digital gap through exclusive access to our partners in software development and cloud.

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cogify is a software development firm that combines cutting-edge technology with expert agile project management to deliver solutions for its clients. Their mission is to pioneer the next wave of digital innovation and adoption, in order to give their enterprise and start-up clients a competitive edge. Boasting a team of over 20 agile software development experts, cogify has completed fully operational and successful custom applications for organisations across a range of industries.

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