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Organitz is your ultimate tool to streamline and enhance business operations for small to medium-sized service companies. Our platform simplifies customer and project management, time tracking, invoicing and expense tracking - all in one intuitive interface.

Designed for simplicity, efficiency, and transparency, Organitz grows with your business, incorporating user-driven enhancements for a seamlessly optimised workflow. This dynamic approach ensures that Organitz is always evolving, providing up-to-date solutions that address real-world business challenges.

Why choose Organitz?

  1. 1

    Customer and Project Lifecycle Management

    Organitz allows for the efficient setup, tracking, and management of customers, projects, and associated activities. This streamlined approach ensures transparent oversight throughout the customer and project lifecycle.

  2. 2

    Time Tracking Made Simple

    Assign team members to specific projects and activities with ease. Organitz provides an intuitive platform for employees to accurately track their time, simplifying the tracking process to support accurate invoicing.

  3. 3

    Effortless Expense Management

    Featuring an integrated expense management module, Organitz enables employees to report expenses quickly and includes a sign-off process for efficient management. Keeping receipts organised and accessible has never been easier.

  4. 4

    Simplified Invoicing Process

    Generate invoices effortlessly with a user-friendly invoicing feature, designed to quickly produce invoices based on reported hours and billable expenses. Each feature of Organitz is additionally optimised to meet the requirements of the Swiss market.